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When a teenager precums in his pants,it is referred to as cumsies.
" While sitting in class, little confused Steve went cumsies while looking at his reading teacher"
by The Best Entertainer October 19, 2009
Careless during sex or with the use of a condom. Punning on cum and clumsy.
If you weren't cumsy and didn't put Vaseline on your rubber, the rubber wouldn't've broken and I wouldn't have this little hyper brat to take care of!
by pentozali April 06, 2010
An orgasm - male or female.
So, I'm sticking this bitch in the ass, right? And she starts screaming! Like bloody murder, but she's not struggling. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but just kept plowing her like I was an extra in 12 Years a Slave until finally that ass clenched so tight that I just couldn't stop myself and I made cumsies in her shitter.
by Puffy McScrote December 30, 2014

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