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What happens when a really slutty chick ends up pregnant and has absolutly no idea who the father is. Oops, I mean who the "baby daddy" is. Pretty much all of the cumfused women out there can still bitch about how it isn't their fault by ending up on shows like Maury. With them they bring one of the guys that they've slept with ( Eenie Meenie Miney Moe Method) and then bitch on the show that he is indeed the father. Pretty smart way to get a DNA test if you ask me...
Cumfusion is the leading case of stupid talk shows like Maury
by Xero _ Manifest April 08, 2011
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1. Wondering should you ejaculate (cum) in this female you just met and what would this action bring as consequences and are you going to take the risk

2. Also, wondering did you ejaculate(cum) in this woman that you woke up next to, After completely blacking out last night.
Bobby: Dang, Jim there was a ugly woman in my bed... Right now i'm pretty cumfused.

Jim: I'm not. There should be no cumfusion i heard your orgasm from across the hall last night... 6 hours i can't forget.
by Its Billy BOB Joe August 07, 2014
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