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The feeling a guy gets when his woman crys after she cums hard
I fucked her so good but I was "cumfused" when she started crying after she came.
by Sig Englander July 06, 2006
A sexual situation where one or both parties is awkwardly unsure of what to do next.
She was getting pretty frisky, but I was cumfused as to whether I should try to undress her.
by lametacomeat May 27, 2009
Feeling disoriented, light-headed, and generally stupid after having an orgasm.
I was so cumfused when I got up that I walked into a wall.
by thelivingbarbie January 10, 2008
When a gentleman is not sure if he likes a man's cum or a woman's cum.

A person can also be cumfusing if they act strange in that, they claim they are straight but act in certain homosexual manners, Eg) weak wrists, girlish stance, and slight/ strong lisp.
As I left the co-ed orgy, I found myself wondering which sex, male or female, I liked better during the festivities of orgy. I must be cumfused.
by BoogiedownBLLLAkke April 13, 2010