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1) A situation that occurs when watching too many types of porn at once and not knowing which to masturbate too
2) When two partners are unsure whether the other has achieved orgasm
I was so cumfused after browsing through all those different porn genres that I decided to wait a while before watching again.

Sarah didn't know if Lindsey had came, and the cumfused expression on Lindsey's face told the same story.
by Black_Sage January 10, 2015
The feeling a guy gets when his woman crys after she cums hard
I fucked her so good but I was "cumfused" when she started crying after she came.
by Sig Englander July 06, 2006
A sexual situation where one or both parties is awkwardly unsure of what to do next.
She was getting pretty frisky, but I was cumfused as to whether I should try to undress her.
by lametacomeat May 27, 2009
Feeling disoriented, light-headed, and generally stupid after having an orgasm.
I was so cumfused when I got up that I walked into a wall.
by thelivingbarbie January 10, 2008
When a gentleman is not sure if he likes a man's cum or a woman's cum.

A person can also be cumfusing if they act strange in that, they claim they are straight but act in certain homosexual manners, Eg) weak wrists, girlish stance, and slight/ strong lisp.
As I left the co-ed orgy, I found myself wondering which sex, male or female, I liked better during the festivities of orgy. I must be cumfused.
by BoogiedownBLLLAkke April 13, 2010
Extreme disorientation associated with ejaculation.
Jenna: "'d last night go?!..."
Christie: "It was good...really good, I think I blacked out...?"
Jenna: "You think, what do you mean you weren't even drinking?"
Christie: "Well...I came so hard I forgot where I was or what I was doing, I was so cumfused..."
Jenna: "Whoa...that's cool..."
Christie: "It was was really cool."
by rat_prince August 25, 2014
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