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The feeling of comfort felt after ejaculating inside another human being, having your penis caked in your own semen.
"Dave, would you like to pull out now that you are done?"
"No thanks, I am very cumfortable, your vagina is very cumfy therefore I will stay in for a little bit longer if you do not mind".
by D404 November 09, 2011
The act of cumming and pulling up your pants simultaneously to avoid getting caught having a wank.
Lucky I got cumfortable right before my parents walked into my room.
by mike.tython May 06, 2014
You are cumfortable when you are home alone and light some candles. Then sit down on a couch with your fireplace on and start wanking to a porn with a good plot.
Guy 1: "I'm home alone for the weekend!"
Guy 2: "Oh awesome man, are you gonna throw a party?"
Guy 1: "Nah man i think i'm just gonna make myself cumfortable"
by TETRlS March 06, 2016
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