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When a man stands up and shoots his load all over a chick's head and face. She stands under his cumbrella.
She is standing under his cumbrella ella ella ella ay ay ay ay a ay.
by DaddyAZ September 12, 2008
A lady who gives you sexual favors for cash/credits/chips at a casino.
I was feeling lonely, but then that CasinHo gave me head for $3 in chips.
by DaddyAz September 12, 2008
A shower of fake cash at a strip club.
The girls thought he made it rain on them. When they went to the store with the fake cash they found out he went David Blane on them hoes.
by DaddyAZ September 12, 2008
when any guy cums inside a girl on her period.
She said that she was on the rag. I gave her some strawberry milk by jizzing inside her.
by DaddyAZ September 12, 2008
An American person who has sex with someone who has gotten a "green card" or is new to the country.
I was not going to date Pedro... but then I decided to GoGreen snd let him have a chance in America.
by DaddyAZ September 12, 2008
When you take a dump and then a chick/dude licks your ass instead of using toilet paper.
I was giving him a bumpkin, but I got hungry and gave him a sloppy joe.
by DaddyAZ September 12, 2008
Young women who work at department stores.
At first, I had considered fast food, but then I saw the ReTail girl at the clothing store. I chose to get some ReTail.
by DaddyAZ September 12, 2008
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