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One who swallows semen with joy.
Ingo is such a Cum Sucker.
by Tragic Johnson November 12, 2007
46 8
One who delights in slorping down slippery loads of jizz. Although this term carries a negative connotation when applied to macho males, it is considered a positive attribute in women and homosexual men, such as myself.
I sucked and jacked his heavy cock until his balls exploded a clotted wad of jizz in my mouth---it tasted sour, but I swallowed it anyway because he was bigger and stronger than me. Then he patted my head and murmured, "Ben, you're one hell of a cum sucker."
by Ben Lynch December 19, 2004
136 53
a person who sucks on a guys dick and drinks his semen
C'mon, i've got some really tasty cum
by Sex Daddy February 25, 2005
62 14
a butt fuck who sucks cum, or a cum sucking butt fuck.
"Ben Lynch is a cum sucker. Who is a butt fuck may I add.
by Jotaku December 20, 2004
73 46
One who puts another persons penis in his mouth, sucking until it ejaculates, and then swallowing all of the cum.
Did you see Ingo swallow the whole load? He's a real Cum Sucker
by Tragic Johnson November 12, 2007
42 26
a person who sucks cum
I am such a fucking cum sucker
by Shithole June 05, 2003
40 28
Someone who enjoys putting long objects in their mouth.
Remember that Ingo Tragelehn from MTV's Real World? He was such a Cum Sucker.
by Longshaft McWormy November 03, 2007
10 9