1. When a person gets covered in cum from head to toe.

2. An airhead who talks the whole time about sex and gets pride out of her pervy experiences.
1. The gangbang finished with all the guys lining up and cumming all over her body, one by one, turning her into a cumcake.

2. Becky is quite a cumcake, the other day she was talking to her friends with joy about the fact that she used to swallow her co-worker's cum every day.
by Lucky Loser August 24, 2006
When baking a cake, ejaculate in a bottle till the bottle is almost full. Next, instead of frosting the cake, pour the bottle of cum all over. Finally you can serve it to all your friends.
When Aaron had his graduation party, he served a cum cake to all his friends.
by Mr. Dangle June 09, 2009
A yummy snack that consists of:
1 cup of cum,
2 eggs,
3 tablespoons of cakes
I didn't know what to do with my excess cum, so I made some cum cakes!
by fordtech November 16, 2008
First, you bake yourself a cup cake and frost it with cum then place it on your penis and recieve a blow job from your girl.
My shawty was hungry so i made her a cumcake
by Alec Zabrovic January 24, 2009
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