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hey i live in culcheth!
A Small boring village inbetween warrington and manchester but more towards the warrington side.
The centre always used to be used for the skaters but then the chavs and scallis took over and have been hasseling the residents of culcheth. i personally think the skaters should re-take over the centre.
i go to culcheth high school and the majority of the pupils are know on the scalli side. That sucks. Skaters rule!
by Sammy April 23, 2005
1) a place where there is lots of retarded scalls
2) a place in warrington where there is the biggest and greatest mosher population in thew high school
'Man culcheth scalls suck cock dude!'
'but dude those mosher kick ass'
by No1uknow January 31, 2005
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