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A person you just have to hug- give a cudge to.
Oh my god she is just so cudgey I have to squeeze her!
by ladyiudge January 12, 2010
A person you just have to hug -

A mixture between a cuddle and a huddle and a hug etc.
damn shes cudgey!
by Michael65334 January 12, 2010
1. The resulting substance when all possible bodily excretions, waste products, and ejections are combined in a single mixture. The mixture may include blood, excluding any case where it has been purposefully extracted from the body.
"Not a chance I'll drink this cudge"

"Excuse me, miss, it tastes like there is too much semen in my cudge"

"Cudge on me!"
by elixeroflove April 25, 2010
When a girlfriend asks for a cuddle which a boyfriend seemingly agrees to. In the process of hugging, the boyfriend inserts his finger(s) into the arsehole of the girlfriend, thereby informing the female that hugs are not really on the agenda and initiating the cudge.
1. "Got home from work last night, couldnt wait for her to make a meal out of my penis"

"Sweet bro. how was it?"

"Well she asked for a cuddle didnt she, so I cudged the shit out of her"


2. "All I wanted was a some sympathy and a hug from Paul after the death of my dog but he cudged me instead"
by Perringtonwinklesworth January 21, 2013
A Pixl from the Wii game Super Paper Mario. You find him in a desert and he gives you the ability to swing down your hammer.
I totally smashed that koopa with Cudge!
by VGDefs May 02, 2010
An in-grown testicle, or for females a third boob.
Doctor: You have a cudge, a third testicle has grown in.
by Samelemarks January 20, 2008
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