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Used in vallejo and the rest of bay area to refer to a Friend; Homie
Whatup cuddy, sippin on that top of the line whine Carlos Rossi?
by yanar November 27, 2004
hidden spot- chill spot- out of sight
thats a cuddy spot..
by luv$peac October 11, 2006
a derogatory term towards a girl.
that bitch is a cuddy
by well hell yeah September 16, 2009
Used in Central Texas and translates more or less as "cousin" but can actually refer to any extended kinfolk of roughly the same age who you are friends with.
"Hey ya'll, this my lil' cuddy DeMarcus. We kin through my big momma's auntie."
by shotwell jenkins December 09, 2007
An other word for Girlfriend or what ever you want it to mean!
Hey Nikki A. will you be my CUDDY!!!!
by iJoey16 April 12, 2009
cuddy is a way too say whats up too the people you know its allso a way to be negative by calling somebody cuddy
1.whats up cuddy when we gone go hit that lick...

2.look i dont really give a fuck about you cuddy...
by regardless devon victory May 08, 2008
Cuddy is also a Scots word for a Horse, typically used one presumes in the Dundee area.
Err ra coalmans cuddy.
by Broonsmania February 07, 2005
An Irish term, used mainly in rural areas, to describe an above average female (must be at least above average to be accepted as a cuddy)

Note: The act of picking-up/hooking-up with a cuddy is known as 'Chewing Cud'
1."Here, check out that fine Cuddy over yonder."
2."So whats the craic with ya big man? Been chewin much cud lately?"
by IrishLedge December 11, 2006
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