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Someone who loves to be cuddled, or loves to cuddle with others
My boyfriend is such a cuddle monkey, he cuddles with me whenever he gets the chance. Even though it gets annoying, I love it.
by Mariya Shadowblade February 27, 2009
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A Person who is rather nice to cuddle with, most often male, who often complains when you have to stop cuddling. Certain traits are hatred for wearing a shirt, slimness, stylin shoes, and a fetish for hats.
Zach: Oh my god. You look cold.
Lisa: Perhaps it is because I am cold.
Zach: *cuddle!*
Lisa: Oh wow. You're a cuddle monkey.
Zach: You love eet.
by Sexysoup May 10, 2008
a soft arse bloke with a twat as a farther
Stuart is a cuddle monkey LOLOLOLOL
by chris February 16, 2005

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