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A suburb located south of Milwaukee, it is a place where people go to die.
In the twilight of your life, or when you are in your mid-teens people go to Cudahy to live in squalor and die.
by Preston January 19, 2005
Cudahy, Wiscsonsin, a dirty/smelly city south of Milwaukee. A rival to South Milwaukee
South Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, nothing STINKS like Cudahy.
by SMRULEZ July 10, 2008
the greatest place on the planet.

You say we suck, we say were better than you :)
Thomas More: Hey, didn't you just play Cudahy in insert sporting event here]?
South Milwaukee: yeah, they suck so baaaad. They're just terrible. Everyone from that city sucks...oh yeah, we lost though.
by Packer~~ May 21, 2010
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