CUB- codename used by females to describe a potential/current/previous (a.k.a. active or inacitve duty) sexual partner. The pronoun is always preceded by a nickname deemed by the female as an indicator to the CUB's actual name, random thought, funny story or some unfortunate happenstance exhibited by the CUB in question.

Addendum: CUB was revolutionized to become an acronym Cute.Unattached.Boy
Tina, " I cannot believe you had sex with Mime CUB again, the man is paid to speak on the radio and he is silent in bed!"

Erika, "He shall be deemed Sox CUB, I woke up and all he was wearing was inside out argyle socks."

Abril, "Have you made contact with your hot neighbor yet? What was his CUB name again?"
Alex, "SWF CUB, because I think it is creepy that I am slightly stalking my neighbor."
by Gingergirl33 March 13, 2010
to choke, continually lose, to come close but never make it. In reference to the Chicago Cub's of baseball. Also see cubbed for past tense.
"I wonder how Cubs will cub it this year."
"I dunno but I bet they cub it in the NLCS"
"Did you see the time the Cubs lost because htat fans caught the ball"
"Yeah they really cubbed it that year."
by EScrote August 04, 2009
In the Australian vernacular, a cub is a Cashed Up Bogan. Cubs are found in suburbs where they plainly don't belong, often having arrived as a result of an inheritance, lottery win or some other unexpected windfall.

Although cubs live in aesthetically pleasing suburban residences, the following traits still give them away:

* Cheap plastic chairs on the front porch.
* A massive ashtray - usually a baby formula tin or large coffee can, also on the front porch.
* Females can often be seen sunning themselves on the same front porch (usually in a cheap blue nylon dressing gown) on weekend mornings.
* Cigarette butts on the lawn of both their own and their neighbors.
* The high-pitched voice of the female of the species.
* Mating sounds on a Friday night (not to be confused with that of a Tasmanian Devil).

Note that because the bogan is now cashed-up, the car in the driveway is no longer an indicator, often having been replaced by an not-so-older series Ford or Holden.
"The cubs next door were loud last night, weren't they?"
"Get in the fuckin shower - I won't tell you again."
by DialogPimp September 06, 2007
Slang for someone of the gay persuasion. See also bear.
"Yo man, did you see the way he acts? He's a complete cub, man."
by MaAH February 23, 2007
In parts of Australia means Cashed Up Bogan.
"Geez, that girls clothes are so expensive and she still looks trashy."
"Yeah, what a cub."


"Dolly Parton."


"Bec Cartwright."
by Y.T. March 25, 2006
really hotttttttt! i love you go out with me i love you
all the hot girls like you
by cub April 22, 2003
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