sexy beast
really hot nice too!!! your so fine!!
by cub-lover October 26, 2003
a total idiot who thiunks he's the best at everything he uses people and then thinhks he can get all popular for doing it
by uknowme August 16, 2003
is so hot and sexy!!!
by secret admirerer May 04, 2003
really hotttttttt! i love you go out with me i love you
all the hot girls like you
by cub April 22, 2003
really hot. flat ass. and white.
by cub April 22, 2003
a cub is a young man that searches for older woman(cougars), akin to a cub nuzzling up to the momma cougar's teet.
Jeter: "so what's your plan for this weekend Jerry?"
Jerry: "dude, I'm hitting the bars up so this baby cub can get some of that sweet cougar teet!"
by subliminal_threat October 25, 2009
A younger female/male seeking an older male/female.
I'm just a cub lookin' for a cougar.
by raycha April 15, 2009

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