Another name for a vigina used by girls who are too embarassed to say "pussy" or "vigina" or "guts" and all that other good stuff.
"Did you get in K's cubby hole last weekend dude?"
"No, she wasn't horny enough"
by Whitney March 15, 2005
Top Definition
1-A snug or cramped space
2-An all around good time
3-A place to store things of different shapes and sizes
Although Ben invited many people to visit his cubbyhole, only Nick Cudney made the trip.
by Paul Kloostra March 02, 2005
A small crevice, usually smells and is dingy.
"Wow, when I was eating out Britney, I found a nacho in her cubbyhole"
by Justin October 26, 2003
A cubby's hole. Good for storage and rainy days.

See cubby
Hey, can you put this in your cubby hole?
by Lotte February 15, 2005
a word of victory; a term shouted after sex with a hockey player; attractive boys in the hall; when someone fucks up
yeah!!! CUBBYHOLE!
oh man, Barry Tallackson, you are so hot, oh yes yes CUBBYHOLE!
hey, did you see that ass on that cubbyhole?
dude! you just cubbyholed!
by sexay laday May 01, 2004
A gay club in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
No I've never been to the cubby hole.
by G-RED October 29, 2006
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