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A cubby's hole. Good for storage and rainy days.

See cubby
Hey, can you put this in your cubby hole?
by Lotte February 15, 2005
a fluffer for turds; an absurd term for a person in general that is not meant to be taken literally.
Adam! Stop being such a turd fluffer!
by Lotte September 21, 2004
A small, bear-like person. Similiar to a cub (as in bear). Usually named Sarah and rather large breasted. Small of voice, as well as small of thought. Also, dislikes touching of any kind.
Scott: Cubby, oh small, large-breasted one?
Cubby: Yes?
Scott:I am going to have sex with you now, do not be alarmed.
by Lotte February 15, 2005
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