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When you want to have a circle jerk, but you only have two participants. Tensions mount as the two males face each other and begin to masturbate, waiting to see who will shoot first. Bonus points are awarded if one of them has a cigar.
I was bored the other day, so I asked my roommate if he was up for a game of Cuban Missile Crisis.
by Kmac46 December 01, 2006
When a man of Cuban descent has erectile dysfunction.
Mr. Quintana had a cuban missile crisis with his woman the other day.
by aemerson511 May 24, 2008
The sudden and extreme need to defecate brought on by the nicotine in a strong cigar. This is an instantaneous and unavoidable date with the porcelain throne.
Darrin suddenly jumped up and yelled "Cuban Missile Crisis" as he raced for the bathroom.
by Herfmaster March 22, 2013
When one gets very hard at a poor time
When I saw Ms. Johnson's cleavage it was a Cuban Missile Crisis.
by ytreffaL naneiK April 29, 2015
1) When Elian Gonzalez's family ran out of things to throw at the cops.

2) When the USA under JFK narrowly avoided an eldritch rendezvous with destiny.
Oh, no!!! Not another Cuban Missile Crisis!!!
by Fearman August 30, 2007
When a Cuban-American partakes in anal sex then withraws only to cum up the back of the recieving participant.
Enrique pulled a "Cuban Missile Crisis" on her ass and she was stunned.
by hoe-low August 15, 2011
When having sex with a Cuban girl and your about to shoot a hard one into her, begin counting down from however long till you cum in your bitch, and then the goal is to make her climax before you do.
Dude, I heard Adem actually pulled off the Cuban Missile Crisis on that Cuban girl from the bar.
by TheHunterV280 July 27, 2010

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