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An event in which an orgasm is so powerfully moving, that one, or both parties involved cries after climaxing.
Yeah, I used to have a thing with Tyler but I couldn't take the crymaxing any more so I told him I was lesbian.
by Dylan Hardy November 22, 2007
This is when you cry just after you have climaxed during sex, as per the Scrubs episode when Carla confirms that Turk doing it freaked her out!
Carla- "I got freaked out when Turk cried after sex"
Turk- "BABY?!?"
J.D.- "It's ok to Crymax, Brown Bear"

Crymaxing is wierd, don't believe J.D.!!!!
by jk1985 April 09, 2008
To cry while masturbating because one is thinking of one's ex.

From cry + climax.
From reddit: "My girlfriend is going to break up with me in 5 hours from now."

remotepath 105 points 16 hours ago
please masturbate, it clears your head

mf4633 59 points 15 hours ago
one caveat: don't think about her when you're doing it

speedstix 33 points 10 hours ago
crymaxing is never good.
by Matti! Matti! Matti! November 24, 2011

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