1: Some women's irritating habit of regulary shouting out: 'Wolf! Wolf!'

2: A wolf that has just missed out on its lunch of Red Riding Hood and has tears in its eyes.
Man: 'Stop crying Wolf! Wolf!'

Woman: 'I'm not, you tosser. It's Fido going Woof! Woof!'

Man: 'I hate false alarms. Get him some eloquotion lessons.'
by Albert Woods September 08, 2007
Top Definition
When an Individual Alerts a group to a group of a danger that actually isn't there for amusment. This usually results In the group losing trust in said individual . This is a reference to the Fable: Boy Who Cried Wolf.
Guy A: Hey did you hear we had a test in history tommorow?
Guy B: No we don't that was just GUY C crying wolf.
by TheEvilKoopa October 13, 2009
Based on the tale of the boy who cried wolf, a reference to someone who is never trusted or taken seriously because they are known to constantly fuck/joke around often to their own detriment.
Just ignore that asshole, he can't be trusted, he's known for crying wolf.
by Goddess12* December 27, 2013
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