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n. (Movie)
See Twilight.
Person 1-- Hey we should go see Red Riding Hood.
Person 2-- Ew no, Twilight's gay.
Person 1-- Nevermind then, we'll see something else.
by FreonZedd March 15, 2011
The act of giving a girl a bear hug while on her period, thus squirting out her period blood into a cup (or any other apparatus) then adding vanilla ice cream to it to make a delicious treat.
Jason: "Hey honey? Do we have anything to eat?"
Anna: "No, but I'm on my period and i can make you a red riding hood!"

"Hey man did you ever get with that girl last night?'
"No, but she left a red riding hood on my freaking bed!"
by The Best MAnnnnn February 10, 2012
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