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n. (crunnj)
the transformation twitch when going from sober to stoned
Dude I hit that blunt once and it was instant crunge
by Stoney McToken December 26, 2007
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a woman, or man, whom you would love to be with, but they are married, dating, uninterested, out-of-your-league, or a prostitute (see Pretty Woman).

the title of a Led Zeppelin song from their fifth album, Houses of the Holy.
Man 1: did you see that girl in front of us on the train?
Man 2: yea, but did you see the guy she was with?
Man 1: yea, what a crunge.
by Tony Guerrasio January 07, 2008
A cross between clunge (vagina) and cringe. As in, clunge that makes you cringe. Such as an ugly girl, or an unsightly vagina.
Josh: So did you have sex with her?
Harrison: No way, she's Crunge.!
by EnJayBe January 06, 2010

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