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Back in approx. 1965 I originated the term Crudhopper. It was in Ottawa and I was in high school. It spread throughout Ottawa, Canada, the USA and god knows where else! I moved on to bigger and brighter things ... like girls!

Definition: The original term was used to describe someone who had the ability to circumvent rules and regulations, but then alas became a rather derogatory term for people.
He's such a Crudhopper, he took his own locker and put a lock on it!
That Crudhopper handed in a paper that was done by his sister tens years ago.

by Bryan Skuce February 29, 2008
A mild profanity of unknown origin, though clearly related to crud. Also spelled crudhoppers.
"Crudhopper! I forgot my antennaphone!" Marvin exclaimed, dehiscing with anxiety.
by knightshade May 07, 2006
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