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The act of pouring kerosene on your penis, lighting it on fire, and then ramming it in somebodies ass.

Usually preformed in cult initiations or as an April Fools day joke.

Crucified: adj: A way to describe the victim's anus afterwards.
"Hey Son, how did your date go?"

"Great Dad! I crucified her!"

by The Chilean Rawdoggers June 02, 2014
A high school act of tieing a loser kid to a pole with everybodies neck ties. The Kid is then left until the teacher finds him.
"Dude that kids a loser bitch ass nigga hoe, lets crucify him."

"If someone doesnt crucify that kid in less than five minutes i will deadset chop ur fucking dick off"
by Bets Crocker March 07, 2009
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