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eating out a females crochal region
person A: i was with that girl last night
person B: did u give her the f'in crowd pleaser or what?
person A: oh fo sho!!! she loved it....immaculate
by immaculation January 06, 2006
A girl that says anything to anyone for the sake of peace with everyone, even if shes a fake asshole that plays all sides of the field. Fucking crowd pleaser..
" Claire told me you were an asshole "
" No she said YOU were the asshole.."
" Fucking crowd pleaser.."
by crystal lowe July 18, 2006
An unmanageable, unsightly and unflushable human faeces - usually
found lining the bottom of a public toilet.
"SHIT! somebodies left a right fucking crowdpleaser in that bog!"
by Skip Donahue July 23, 2004