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Term for a boyfriend or girlfriend who refuses to be dumped, or is ignorant of the fact that you are trying to dump them.

Coined by Jeff Murdoch in the first episode of the UK series "Coupling".
No matter how many times Steve tries to dump her, Jane remains unflushable.
#flush #dump #boyfriend #girlfriend #coupling #jeffisms
by roundthewheel October 25, 2006
An Unflushable is a person that does not flush the toilet or urinal. And the next unlucky person in line has to flush that person's pee. yuck!
I can't stand to come behind one of those unflushables because I have to look at their pee!
#lazy #dirty #stupid #flush #pee #tolit
by ***Dr Dave September 18, 2009
The gf/bf who simply will not be dumped.
The gf/bf who you cannot get rid of.
Beth is maddeningly unflushable; I broke up with her again last night and we still ended up at her place...
by jbastard February 26, 2003
A steamer that can't or won't be dismissed into the abyss known as the u-bend, for 2 probable reasons:

1. The girth of said steamer is larger than that of said toilet, and the laws of dynamics render flushing useless.

2. The steamer causes pleasure for the recipient, who may become sentimentally attached, and refuse to flush.

This problem can usually be rectified with a pointy stick for both steamer and/or recipient.
Hey son, watch your fiber intake, you don't wanna know about the unflushable i had last week.

#unflushable #steamer #u-bend #bobber #flatliner
by Ollio November 13, 2006
someone who can't be dumped.
someone you can't seem to get rid of. \
ex-ur girlfriend/boyfreind
ive got an unflushable-i tried to dump her last night, but she told me she didnt agree.
#flushed #flush #to dump #leave #get rid of
by CheckPoint1 April 30, 2009
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