A style of music formed in the mid 80's combining hardcore and thrash.
Cryptic Slaughter, D.R.I
by Hank McBrutal July 10, 2005
Using your left hand on the mouse so you can jerk off with the right.
"I can't finish with my left so I usually crossover."

"Nigga you're telling me you've been jerking it for 15 minutes while I've been waiting out here?
Man, when you're in a rush you gotta crossover."
by Blightcaller November 13, 2014
Shortened minivan. Looks like a grotesquely inflated hatchback. Comfortable to sit in but crap to drive, less useful than a minivan, and even less cool.
Dude: Look at that Lexus. What a chode-mobile!
Man: On point, Dude. It is fat, short and bulbous.
Driver: You like the crossover, man?
by TreeWeezel April 06, 2011
A move in four panel dancing games (DDR, ITG, Flow: Urban Dance Uprising), in which a foot is placed over the other.
No MAX song has a crossover, otherwise, the player would sue.
by Sean Z. March 20, 2007
Electrical circuit used in a sound system to direct different frequencies to tweeters, woofers, and midranges or to power amps that power them. Passive crossovers use the power available, whereas active crossovers use powered devices such as transistors or op-amps to more cleanly divide the signal and are normally placed in the high impedence part of the circuit before the power amps.
I put active crossovers in my Maserati because I kept smoking the passive ones. My ride's system really hits hard now.
by hillsurfer March 24, 2007
1. Generally performed by two males, the cross over involves the first male placing both hands inside his partner's pants - one over the buttocks, and one placed firmly over the groin. The male's partner returns this action, so that both arms cross over. This is typically performed in public, as a statement of pride in one's relationship. Experienced couples often resume walking while performing the cross-over, though this is a difficult technique and not recommended to beginners.
2. A dribbling technique used in basketball to change the dribbling direction quickly.
1. "Bob, we've been together for several months now...it's time we performed the cross-over."

2. "That's a brilliant cross-over by Kobe Bryant, he dumbfounded the other team there!"
by Cross-over luvva December 13, 2009
One of the wackest, corniest movies made about street basketball ever!! It includes some of the worst lines & slang ever thought of.
(Ex: "Touch, timing, its all net. Runnin on all cylinders. And playin streetball the way nobody's ever played it before.")
Boy 1: "Sup bro? How was that movie Crossover the other night?"
Boy 2: "Mane I wanted to kill myself after seein that garbage!"
by B. Sketch April 24, 2007

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