A $100 Dollar bill usually kept secret and for emergency use by husbands in south louisiana.
Hey brother can you float me a croaker?
by KGincovington April 30, 2009
Top Definition
A doctor. Specifically one that could be persuaded to write a prescription for effective narcotics.
Lee was getting sick, and junk was nowhere to be found in the streets. He needed to score. He knew of a croaker that kept his office on 32nd street, Jimmy the fag said he would write for anybody.
by nebuchadnezzar zeller December 04, 2008
The act of presuading a doctor to write a “script” (or prescription) for morphine, known to junkies as “making the croaker”
Bill made the croaker twice in one week.
by fusco September 02, 2003
A doctor, quack, or sawbones.

A frog.

A vocal fish.
This bronchitis won't go away. I'm going to see the croaker.
by Bumkicker Slade May 11, 2005
A very large poop, which is usually very smelly. It is also known to refer to the sound some poops make. Croakers are usually taken in other peoples' houses.
Hey Bob, by the sound of his poop I believe he is taking a croaker.

Woah man, be right back. Got to take a huge croaker upstairs.
by Z chizzle July 06, 2011
A Dashingly Clever Fellow Who Questions Everything in His Own Debonaire Way
Croaker Disagreed with Threnody Repeatedly.
by Croaker July 12, 2004
a croaker is a person with big lips and is always croakering.they give birth to lots of little croakerettes.the females have a tendency to hide chicken pieces and the cruet under their hats.
a croaker has fucking huge doggie bags.quomp nicking. loves jerk chicken.lips flapping in the wind like a kite.noses like a wizards sleeve.
by polly ploppicus March 26, 2009

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