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Waggy is a lifer on ATAT. one that has many fans such as the other that posted!

great great guy.
waggy is loved on ATOT as you can see byu others post that he has a loyal following.
by I_love_waggy September 03, 2006
Sporting a significant erection in the workplace.
Judging by your waggy, I see you liked my PowerPoint presentation.
by My Acts Of Sedition July 27, 2010
Noun, plural waggies!
A person who dresses in a fashinable clothes because there fashionable! But can't actually pull them off or wears them in an incorrect manner!
Omg that persons wearing leggings with socks, shes such a waggy!
by indiechick August 29, 2007

1. Any greasy food consumed;

a) at the end of a night of binge drinking esp. on an empty stomach in a typically futile attempt to prevent the onset of bed spins and jet-yaks

b) as a breakfast remedy for a hangover.

2. Mildly derisive term for any fast food restaurant.
1.Feeling ill after a night of binge drinking, I stopped for waggies on the way home, only to jet-yak poutine all over the back seat of the cab.

2. If you go to Waggies for me, I'll buy you a big mac.
by skater McGee February 14, 2010
Well, if I were to define waggy I would take up 7 pages of all the flaws in his character. But, because I know how to sum him up in a couple of words, I will do.

"Lanky shit licking chav"
Chav, Townie, Kappa Slapper... etc.
by I_HATE_WAGGY! January 27, 2005
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