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An abbreviation for 'critical hit', a term used in dice-based role playing games which indicates the best possible damage result in combat.
"I rolled a crit with my battleaxe, and did double damage on the ogre chieftan."
by Grimrider November 25, 2002
172 76
slang used in roleplaying game dungeons and dragons, a critical hit.
I just critted with my broadsword!

Undead can't be critted, duh.
by ChibiDan March 20, 2005
59 44
The act of immediate shits after the use of crack or cocaine.
Dude, the crits hit me after that bump.
by Psquirt June 15, 2013
0 2
a person who is jacked, athletic, and get pussy on the regular
The quarterback is such a crit. I wish i could be like him.
by roblerto May 16, 2011
19 21
When a pokemon lands a "critcal hit". ussually sends the pokemon's master into a state of sexual ecstasy
"My Typhlosion get a Crit" Oooooh Crit!!!!!!!!!! *ejaculate in pants*-crazyetack
by Crazyetack May 18, 2010
8 12
Word used in video game terminology to show high hits.

In this case, a word I yell at my girlfriend as I'm about to cum.
by Marktheboss February 17, 2011
8 15
"CRIT" meaning pussy, kitty kat, pretty in pink, sweet tunnel, the pearl, vagina, tunnel of love...
during sex i be rubbin on her "Crit" , damn babi yo "Crit" is dumb ass wet. , hey do you know that one bitch from last night? she had sum good ass Crit
by l,m,r, September 15, 2010
17 25