Word used in video game terminology to show high hits.

In this case, a word I yell at my girlfriend as I'm about to cum.
by Marktheboss February 17, 2011
a combination of crap and shit: used when near adults that u just met and not them to think of you as a bad person but still need to somehow say shit

a lot better than shap
Guy 1 dude u just got hotsauce on my shirt what the crit!!!!!

*principal walks by*
p: did you just curse?
G: course not sir/mam
by Hairy Hunter October 24, 2010
Slang for Hypocrite; A shortened way to call someone a hypocrite.
Last week Christian said that he hates backstabbers, but this week he went behind John's back and got him fired. Christian can be such a crit sometimes.
by baxter master May 26, 2010
A term for nigger. Crit, short for critter
Let's cross the street, a couple of crits are headed our way
by Crokedcop January 04, 2012
"CRIT" meaning pussy, kitty kat, pretty in pink, sweet tunnel, the pearl, vagina, tunnel of love...
during sex i be rubbin on her "Crit" , damn babi yo "Crit" is dumb ass wet. , hey do you know that one bitch from last night? she had sum good ass Crit
by l,m,r, September 15, 2010
an easier, shorter way to call someone a hypocrite.
that kids a crit, he used to be against smoking and ever since he tried it he smokes every day
by queenkilla December 03, 2009
Originating in the village of Shewbury, MO. 'Crit' is a shortened version of the name 'Christian' meaning "Believer in Christ."
"Hey Crit, are you going to church tomorrow"
by @-dUb September 20, 2009

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