a combination of crap and shit: used when near adults that u just met and not them to think of you as a bad person but still need to somehow say shit

a lot better than shap
Guy 1 dude u just got hotsauce on my shirt what the crit!!!!!

*principal walks by*
p: did you just curse?
G: course not sir/mam
by Hairy Hunter October 24, 2010
Slang for Hypocrite; A shortened way to call someone a hypocrite.
Last week Christian said that he hates backstabbers, but this week he went behind John's back and got him fired. Christian can be such a crit sometimes.
by baxter master May 26, 2010
The act of immediate shits after the use of crack or cocaine.
Dude, the crits hit me after that bump.
by Psquirt June 15, 2013
A term for nigger. Crit, short for critter
Let's cross the street, a couple of crits are headed our way
by Crokedcop January 04, 2012
Originally derived from the gaming community as an abbreviation for a"critical hit", The term Crit is a newly emerged racist term directed primarily towards Christians who purposely engage in discussions of Atheists, Muslims or other ethnic/unethnic groups to provoke or convert those in he discussion.

Crits ted to generally be straight, white, Right-Wing bigots with little respect for other races, religions, or sexual preferences; and usually support the same ideals as the U.S. Republican party, along with the movements for "white-oppression" and "heterosexual rights". They are also mixed up in the many controversies that the Republican party covers such as 911, The Moon Landing, and the Liberal government's supposed ploy to disarm all Americans and take over.
"I just couldn't get through to the guy. He just kept rambling on about the government taking over. What a Crit."

"So you're telling me that if the bible stated that 2+2=5 you'd believe it? Looks like we've gota Crit over here.
by Can'tfindpseudonym March 27, 2014
"CRIT" meaning pussy, kitty kat, pretty in pink, sweet tunnel, the pearl, vagina, tunnel of love...
during sex i be rubbin on her "Crit" , damn babi yo "Crit" is dumb ass wet. , hey do you know that one bitch from last night? she had sum good ass Crit
by l,m,r, September 15, 2010
an easier, shorter way to call someone a hypocrite.
that kids a crit, he used to be against smoking and ever since he tried it he smokes every day
by queenkilla December 03, 2009
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