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it's another new word for fresh it also a philly word
yo that nigga shoes is cripsy ass hell

by sade green June 27, 2007
A mixture of the two words 'creepy' and 'gipsy'. Trying to find a word to describe the impression they seem to make on the audience, the term was coined in 2007 by two self-conscious european musicians on tour. Until this day they are the only 2 people on the planet using the word on a daily basis. Often along with 'straw'.

This isn't an inside joke, it's a desease, and sooner or later you'll start using the word!
Cripsy 1: Ay cripsy, 't was a nice show eh?
Cripsy 2: Give me my part of the fee, lousy cripsy.
Cripsy 1: Straw. You should have played better.
Cripsy 2: You loooousy fucking cripsy...
by strawinsky May 14, 2009

When a crippled person gets tipsy.
Guy 1: Oh shit bro, look at that cripsy nugent out there.

Guy 2: Well, I'll be damned. :')
by icecoldmasta January 10, 2010
it could be anything in between piecey, creasy, crunchy. pieces. good pieces
Cripsy1: "oh my god! that piece is crispy!"
Cripsy2: "Oh my gad, that's a crisp!"
Cripsy3: "Did you check the crisp on that piece?"
Cripsy4: "Did you check out that piece on that crisp?"
Cripsy5: "Eoooh, I'm on a piece"
by CripsyPiece November 13, 2007
The gangster way of saying tipsy and high at the same time.
almost like crunk.
Dawgg, I got sooooo cripsy last night niggah
by JackOffJazzy February 26, 2009
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