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(N) Proper Noun
One of three individual personalities that that make up Rip. A rarely seen individual that comes out approximately every ten years or so after a long hard drinking binge. Cripper is bulletproof, has the stealth of a pregnant elephant, and his volume control is broken. He has been known to tackle cars and pick fights with houses, but will never hurt his buddies. If Cripper comes out, it’s best to get him out of public places. Last seen on the Island of Guam in May of 2008.
"What happend to the hotel room last night?" "Cripper came out" "Oh, that explains it."
by TRetard December 08, 2008
Derived from the word Cretant which basically refers to a person of low creaturely status. It can also be used as an adjective to mean "exist." Cripper is a shortened word from Cretant and is just used in everyday lingo amongst good friends referring to eachother as Cripper or making fun of somebody and calling them a cripper. Calling somebody a Cretant would be the full master usage of coarse.
Cripper, what are you doing tonight?
Yo Bob, that guy is a total cripper!
Where do you want to crip tonight?
by Jimmy Foxazio September 15, 2004
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