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Most commonly used in the southern regions of the United States, Cring is the combination of the words Crunk and King. Used to describe someone at the top of their creative influence and game.
Outkast are the crings of southern rap.
by TINDEL October 24, 2008
a. A noise accompanied by a solid hit that usually sends the opponent rocketing away.

b. A noise accompanied by the sparkle of something shiny, or epic.
a. Link hit Kirby with the Homerun Bat, blasting the pink ball off the stage with a satisfying "CRING".

b. The professor, smirking, pushed his glasses towards his eyes with a single finger, a soft "cring" sounding with the shine on their frame that followed.
by Tancuras April 01, 2009
skid marks in the toilet bowl caused by bad ceramic or big turds}.
Who left that disgusting cring in the toilet. Flush it again.
by kyle kyles November 05, 2004
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