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Means awesome or cool or freakin sweet. When something really cool happens or something is just cool.
Aaron: Hey man you see my new car?
Luke: Yeah man its tottaly cribbin man

Dana: Woah nick that guitar riff was so cribbin

Tyler: That skateboard is cribbin yo
by FuzzyNik March 15, 2013
the act of chillin' at a homies crib
We be cribbin' at Dextahs tonight!
by a2dahJ April 08, 2005
A type of Bernard
Bernard Cribbins is like my uncle only he doesn't bleed so oft.
by Tom Bowtell March 03, 2003
The act of staying in ones area of residence or comfort zone. Originated by Seun Peterson
you goin out today?
naww, ill just be cribbin'
by InfKage October 19, 2011
Staying near home and doing whatever the fuck you want, no matter what others think of it.
Guy 1: What are you doing today?
Guy 2: Whatever the fuck I want. I'm Cribbin'!
by CRAMDRAGON January 05, 2012
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