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To burn a corpse, a dead corpse
that was a very lively cremation, i don't think the clowns soothed the widow.
by trogleprak January 28, 2006
An odd behavior shared only by psychotic apes (a.k.a, Homo Sapien Sapien) in which they literally burn a fellow psychotic ape's body literally to ashes. The ashes are either spilled outside somewhere, thus making the whole process pointless, or left in a disgusting unsanitary jar inside the dwelling of a psychotic ape.
Bob: What do you wish they do with your body when you die?

Tom: I want them to burn my body beyond recognition, and spread the resulting ashes in my next-door neighbor's backyard. They call it "cremation"

Bob: Why in the hell would you do that?

Tom: I don't know, but alot of people are doing it, so I'm following!
by Poid May 28, 2007
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