1.Octopus Cuddling
2.A combination of a creep and a bitch
1. a) We were creetchin' on my futon last night
b) We were creetching so much i felt like we were under the sea
2. That chick's always on Facebook, she's such a creetch!
by mr. octopus February 14, 2009
Top Definition
A more physical form of cuddling, where you hug with both your arms and your legs.
"Last night in bed I creetched on John"
by angel8 April 18, 2006
1. to smoke weed

2. to mooch
1. Brian, let's pick up a sack and creetch.

2. Dude, can I creetch one of those dirts (cigs)?
by talesboil February 04, 2014
one who attempts at making out or initiating intercourse with one who doese not comply or is sleeping.
Adam was such a creetch when he climbed in my window and touched me in erogenouse zones when I was such a blaquedout magee.
by Heather Smunt September 29, 2005
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