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one who attempts at making out or initiating intercourse with one who doese not comply or is sleeping.
Adam was such a creetch when he climbed in my window and touched me in erogenouse zones when I was such a blaquedout magee.
by Heather Smunt September 29, 2005
A more physical form of cuddling, where you hug with both your arms and your legs.
"Last night in bed I creetched on John"
by angel8 April 18, 2006
1. to smoke weed

2. to mooch
1. Brian, let's pick up a sack and creetch.

2. Dude, can I creetch one of those dirts (cigs)?
by talesboil February 04, 2014
1.Octopus Cuddling
2.A combination of a creep and a bitch
1. a) We were creetchin' on my futon last night
b) We were creetching so much i felt like we were under the sea
2. That chick's always on Facebook, she's such a creetch!
by mr. octopus February 14, 2009