A creepo is someone who should be passed out, but they're not. You're up for one of two reasons:
A.) Food
B.)Pussy (there have been events where girls are creepin it)
Being creepo can also mean just being creepy at a party whether it's a stupid remark or gesture, you're probabaly creepo.
*All I got to say is "DON"
*T-unit and Amario join random networks on facebook and randomly friend request girls.
*Poulin tries to mack something heinous at sunny's. You know what you did you sick fuck.
*T-Unit gets the ride of his life......cigar ride that is from julia the stripper we got at sunny's
*Mo, Amario and Sean "The King Creepo" Leavitt, take vodka shots at 5 in the am.
*Doobie pass out in the back yard of Brittnay Thomas's House with a toad chilling on him.
*Beerpong is played at 6 in the morning at Sean's.
*Chizzim is so baked he slices his hand open.
*The Pictures that go around Suncor
by Ammar Smokey T-unit and Butterball November 08, 2007
Top Definition
An extremely unusual individual who appears on Urban Dictionary's chat channel, making it a point to tell everyone that he has a poop fetish, is a necrophiliac, likes beastiality and has spent 25 years in prison for rape and planting a camera in the girl's bathroom.
Creepo: "I'm horny."
Us: "Yes Creepo we know."
Creepo: "I drop the soap in prison all the time. I love it in prison."
by Sonny Jim June 28, 2007
A cooler way of saying "creep." A creep-o is someone who does something weird or something out of the ordinary.
That guy is such a creep-o. He always has to eavesdrop on all of our conversations.
by Trend-Setter101 August 21, 2012
Someone who does creepy things like staring at people or talking to themselves.
Ryan is a creepo. He stared at the little boy on the swingset for over two hours.
by RyanMPrince March 03, 2009
Name of someone who is creepy, usually one with the same name as an alcoholic drink
Dude, look at that chick, shes such a creepo!
by Fatplumbum March 02, 2011
a kid that will never stop seducing you until...well, he will NEVER stop seducing you.
That weird blonde kid that won't leave our table at lunch is a total creep-o.
by A.Danger November 09, 2006

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