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To have an unfortunate party experience
"Aw man, Dan shit his pants at that party last night. He totally pulled a Poulin"

"Fuck I puked alot at that party. Guess I pulled a Poulin"
by Josephina Nobody February 13, 2008
24 14
noun: a man stuck in the 80's lifestyle who likes to micro-manage everyone and anyone he can to the point of being a stiffler.

transitive verb : to manage especially with excessive control or attention to details

Quit being a poulin, I already know how to do my job.
by MagnumHasselhoff June 13, 2007
8 5
Ressemble étrangement à un pouliche mais en plus chialeux et moins beaux.
Énorme insulte
Poulin Pue
Tu vient de faire un poulin.
by Martin Poulin November 29, 2004
5 12