one who spooks others out in a creepy manner
That creeper keeps following me to all of my classes trying to smell my hair.
by RakkelReed December 02, 2007
A creepy creep, creeping.
A creeper is a creepy creep, creeping behind some middle school girls.
by TornRed October 06, 2011
A human-like creature, usually choosing the local gym as a habitat, that actively and aggressively seeks out females that they want to sleep with. Their activities may include awkwardly staring at your body parts, making awkward social advances in an attempt to impress you, or acting like aggressive, arrogant tools that have such a bruised ego that every girl must think that they're gorgeous (when we really just want to barf).

Creepers will mostly either be meatheads, or 40 year old, creepy, divorced bachelor types that are in some kind of bizarre mid-life crisis. They appear to be nice at first, talking to you about the weather, but will make you increasingly more uncomfortable as they begin to violate your personal space, make rude comments / openly hit on you, and make you happy that there's other people around. This is often when you're trying to exercise and use body language to tell them to leave. Add a friend or family member nearby to make the experience more humiliating. Beware, for ridding yourself of a creeper is like removing a cockroach with human intelligence.

Recent testing has shown that creepers are actually more similar to Neanderthals than human beings. This was long speculated by their actions alone, however.
You're on the treadmill one day, when you hear an angry grunt from across the gym. You notice a meathead tool lifting weights that you could probably lift yourself, and think what a tool that guy is. However, you think nothing of it.

A minute later, you notice him walking over to you. It's like the pit of doom ahead you want to avoid, but you're helpless against the incoming creeper onslaught. You get a closer look at the 40 year old, balding loser, but turn away, hoping desperately that he is targeting someone else. Then, in the creepiest, most annoying voice ever, you hear the dreaded "Hi!"

You turn around, almost snapping your neck because your treadmill is still going fast, and gaze at the perv.

He begins to talk about the weather, climbing on the treadmill next to you and setting it to the lowest speed. He makes a couple corny jokes, to which you fake laugh in order to be polite. Then, it begins.

"So, you look nice today."

(Stares awkwardly at sweaty shirt) "Umm... Thanks?"

"Do you come in here often?" (Or variants of that - never say yes)

He then tells you that he's divorced, and you feel sorry for whoever married this 40 year old idiot who thinks college girls would actually care about him.

You then say, nicely, "I'll see you later," ready to run out the door. You change the time you go to the gym just to avoid the creep.
by BlueBeag February 16, 2010
ahh marc d. the super creeper keeps tryna talk to me!
by amrzaki14 August 12, 2008
People who stare at you or stand is groups they are not apart of. They will be in place watching and being creeps around people. They are not wanted in social functions.
Grant is a creeper he will not leave us alone.
by Richard Coolguy March 23, 2008
A guy who will come up to you or even watch you from afar (normally at parties) even when you're with all your friends, and will claim to see you everywhereknows everything about you and tries to hit on you-- when apparently you have no idea who he even is or have maybe only seen him once. Also may be a guy that is trying extremely hard to get in your pants and thinks that you like it--normally these type of guys are very unattractive and are huge losers--commonly found in fraternities.
"Omg did you see that guy? He was creeping on you so bad!"

" Johnny is such a creeper- stay away from that kid)
by Erin E February 04, 2007
When the high of smoking marijuana just creeps up on you it is often the case that marijuana being smoked is of the creepers variety.

"This shit's some creepers man!"
by Dan Walrus December 16, 2006

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