When the high of smoking marijuana just creeps up on you it is often the case that marijuana being smoked is of the creepers variety.

"This shit's some creepers man!"
by Dan Walrus December 16, 2006
A guy that is weird. He is usually quite out of the ordinary, in both the way he speaks and the way he looks. He usually doesn't have very many friends, and is always in the backround when something happens.
That guy is such a creeper.
by Cass H January 09, 2006
a creeper is at a party when everyone is chillin talkin it up or just hangin out and the one kid is just sittin on the couch with that smile(u know the smile when u see it believe me) he usually is drunk but it is possible to have a sober creeper, basically he is a creep.
normal kid one : hey wats up
normal kid two : nothin but that kid on the couch is a creeper
russ : ......
by somekid123456 October 29, 2007
CREEPER Definition #3

A CREEPER is Basically ANYONE, Male or Female, With A Creepy Presence or Behavior (see Creeper #1 & #2)

18. All Adulterers.
19. Tattooed Single-Parent Mothers Who Bring Home Lots of Men to have Sex With, while Their Kids Watch.
20. People who wear lots of Heavy Gold Jewelry to Show Off & To Give Them a Heavier Sense of Self-Worth.
21. Mothers who Tell Their Married Daughters that Affairs will “Spice Up” Their Marriages.
22. Drunk Fathers who have Sex with Their Daughters &/or Step Daughters.
23. Most Women that Wear Leopard Skin Inspired Clothing & Dark Sunglasses.
24. Fathers Who Take Their Teenage Sons to Bordellos/Whore Houses to Sexually “Break Them In” and to “Make Men Out of Them.”
25. All Cougars: Old Vain Women Who Need to Have Sex With Men Young Enough to Be Their Sons.
26. Married People that Tint Their Car Windows Dark so that They Can Have Sexual Affairs with People they Meet at “Back to School” Night and at Work.
27. Mothers who Sexually Flirt with Their Teenage Son’s Friends.
28. Drunk or Mentally Unstable In-Laws who Offer to Give You Oral Sex “On The Side” at Family Get Togethers, while Your Children Are in the Other Room.
29. Old Slut Mother-in-Laws who Try to Undermine Your Marriage, so that Their children will End Up Divorced & As Miserable as Themselves.
30. Spouses who make a Game of Bringing Around Their Sleazy Lovers During the Holidays & Act Like Nothing is Wrong.
That Little Guy Reiner at Church with the Goatee Beard and Russian "Mail-Order Bride" "Half His Age" who "Hits On" Everyone is One Big CREEPER.
by Tina from the BGCA August 29, 2014
A person who is always staring at other people, and staring at other peoples profiles.
Jon is a creeper. he is always creeping on facebook.
by Eric huuhes April 02, 2008
adj./n 1. a person who creeps you out. 2. one who tries too hard to fit in. 3.someone who is just plain creepy
"omg, you like sailormoon, what a creeper!"
"can you believe what a creeper he is being today?"
"you can quote emokid by heart, your such a creeper!"
"you eat babies! your a creeper!!!"
"that creeper kid was jumping around to brittanyspears at the party!"
"creeper, get me a rock to hit you with"
by Jami Luper October 04, 2006
What happens when one's underpants slowly move in between one's buttcheeks over time, creating a most unpleasant feeling.
Hold up! I gotta pick this creeper outta my ass!
by The Masked Dummy September 01, 2006

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