someone who takes things too far and likes to intrude on other people's conversations. Especially on twitter
Dude, vince just won't stop being a creeper to all those girls!

man, did you see vince totally creeping on their conversation today?
by SIPF November 14, 2011
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underground bounty hunter slang for child molester or raper.
I tracked the creeper teacher from the pink Floyd prophecy the wall down tu his home digits.
by Djihn Baal Allahzay June 11, 2014
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A person who is always staring at other people, and staring at other peoples profiles.
Jon is a creeper. he is always creeping on facebook.
by Eric huuhes April 02, 2008
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a creepy person ( most of the time a guy ) who sends you creepy text messages post- breakup and is obsessed with you even if you broke up with him already. sends you pictures of him ( ew ).
my ex is a creeper (:
by pRoUd2bEsInGlE June 08, 2009
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One who punches women on the back on the neck during sex
Jonas is a creeper and punches girls on the back of the neck during sex
by jonasneckpunches June 18, 2010
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When an older guy looks and makes sexual gestures to a younger girl.
person 1 "Gosh Ryan is such a creeper"
person 2 "Yeah i know, he keeps hitting on that freshman girl"
by shmee_shmee May 27, 2010
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A person that has a lot of social awkwardness. This is usually a result of little social reaction as a child. It's in the family of stalkers.
Kyle B. So, Christine I really like those pants you've got on..but you'd look better with them off.

Christine. Kyle you're my creeper.. a very perverse creeper.
by atomic number 47 March 12, 2009
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