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The act by which God Almighty spoke the universe into existance out of nothing in the first chapter of Genesis in a matter of six time periods, but not necessarily six “days” as we are lead to believe. While mental midgets like “Adam “tr0n”' at urbandictionary believe the universe cannot be created out of nothing, it indeed can! With God ALL things are possible, and the vast universe we live in was created out of nothing, is an example. When you are God Almighty, you can create something very complex out of nothing by just speaking it into existance. Period! Take that atheists and evolutionists. I’m sick and tired of mental half wits like “Adam ‘tr0n’” claiming that creation cannot be proven while evolution can. Hogwash. The missing link has NEVER been found and never will be. The “theory” of creation has NEVER changed, unlike evolution where its crazy followers are always changing their own theory. God’s universe has an order to it, and you cannot have an order if a cataclysmic event like the “Big Big” occurred. If there is creation, there must be a creator. If there is a design, there must be a designer. If there is a plan, there must be a planner. This universe’s existance is proof positive of a diety. Evolution is the the single-dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Darwin himself didn’t even believe his own theory, he just said it was an educated guess and that’s it.
Creation has proven evolution false over and over again.
by krock1dk December 09, 2007