Crack + DMT (Deemsters) = Creamsters
"YOoo son! Lets smoke some Creamsters and punch a gnome in the face."


"Damn dawg. The DMT isn't working. Whats the hook up on that Creamster shit?"

by Tyrone McKenna May 25, 2008
Top Definition
An individual member of the Alaska biker group called CREAMSTERS (formerly known as COCONUT CREAMSTERS).
Hey Creamster, how do you make a duck fart???
by Gary Hupps August 10, 2006
A group of rogue motorcycle enthusiasts riding the highways of the Last Frontier. Circa 1990. Mythical.
Tales are told around many Alaskan campfires about the CREAMSTERS - A group of rogue motorcycle enthusiasts riding the highways of the Last Frontier. And, depending on who's doing the telling, some tales are actually true!
by Syd Hardt September 05, 2006
Alaska based biker group, formerly known as the COCONUT CREAMSTERS
The Creamsters are ordering another round of duck farts.
by Gary Hupps August 10, 2006
A chronic masturbator. A person that masturbates more often than not, frequently to images in magazines or internet porn.
What a Creamster! He's been on-line looking at porn and jacking off for hours!
by Joshua Schroeder December 19, 2009
A group of scene kids on myspace dedicated to being SCENE that know absolutly nothing about music.

True 1: Oh! hey! look at those creamsters in the back of the venue!

True 2: Yeah, those kids dont even know the bands playing.

by John Trevalle April 17, 2006
A bunch of wanna be scene fucks on myspace, who have no idea what real hardcore is about.
A: Gross, scene kids..
B: Those aren't scene kids, they're creamsters. It says so on their myspaces.
by Mike Hauwk April 17, 2006
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