18th Century sland for penis
Excuse me kind maddam, could you please suck my creamsicle?
by Etan December 10, 2003
When you spit a mans cum on his dick, lather it up, and continue sucking.
John- Hey bruh how did that date go?

Michael- it was so amazing dude, she gave me a creamsicle!
by Carrmonster February 13, 2014
one that is extra creamy, has no life, totally lame, still lives with his/her parents, sleeps in their 1990 Star Wars bed sheets, uses the phrase- "hey there" and "kiddo".
"Hey there pretty ladies, can I buy you a beverage" - guy
"Sure" - two 30 year old women
"Comin right up!" - guy
(girls whispering to eachother) " that guy is so creamy"
"yeah, what a creamsicle"
by Nasti' Nati Nasti' Truth March 18, 2006
a stick, usually male, that is covered in thick, white cream. it may be either hot or cold. served warm, it delights those with exotic tastes. served cold, it pleases children (except shenk's students). either way it is served, it still makes aaron's grandma very happy.
Kerry, how many times do I have to tell you to keep that creamsicle out of your mouth?

Ruth enjoys her creamsicles hot, hard and full of cream.
by Die Lubemeister June 03, 2004
As the man is getting a bj from a woman, right after he cums on her face, he punches her in the nose, creating a flow of blood that mixes with the cum, creating a "creamsicle" like appearance.
Dude, I totally creamsicled that milf!
by Dr Gremlin November 02, 2010
A man who is receiving oral sex (a blowie), upon jizzing, throws up upon the girl's head at the same time. The mixture represents the mixture of a creamsicle.
Dude, so I was gettin' blown and as I came on her face I puked on her too... Looked like a creamsicle!
by Pod425 February 13, 2010
a rare phenomenon while procreating in the great snowy outdoors; a guy pulls out of the vazhin/ass expecting his seed juice to excrete, but ends up freezing into a deadly spike before fully expelled out of said orifice. usually occurs in temperatures below zero, and is a very painful experience for the person with the creamsicle attached to the orifice. it cannot be pulled out without fissuring the sphincter/ vazhin, so the only way to get it out is by sitting close to a source of heat until creamsicle melts back into dude seed-juice.
audra bled to death after i pulled the creamsicle out of her penis gobbling asshole... serves her right, the whore...
by madre mamon November 21, 2007

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