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(n.) A warm heaping stream of MASTURBATION! :D

2. A mean thing to call someone you don't like.

See masturbation.
Dude, he shot a creamcake my mouth when we were having oral!

2. You fucking creamcake! Go rot in a sack!
by Saruhbear August 26, 2008
an adjective for when something makes you feel good

for example if there is a song which just sounds so smooth and nice and perfect , its creamcakes
That movie is creamcakes

That album is so creamcakes
by barralex July 28, 2011
Take a warm cupcake (store-bought is fine, too, just microwave it). Cut it in half and stick your hard dick in between the two pieces. Then squeeze and stroke until you cum.
Last night, My parents went out so I cream caked
by Tok Kim April 17, 2004
An insult used largely in China. In chinese it's said "Na You Dan Gao", meaning Cream Cake.
Wang Lee-Hom is a fucking Cream Cake!
by Abdivader September 01, 2007
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