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Short for crazy.
"Girl, that club was cray."

"We got so cray, it was cray."
by jankygurl April 21, 2009
to be or act crazy
You ieh a cray ass du. I ain't neva seen no cray dude like dee befo. Awwww dat's a cray dapper right dare dee dee jibber jabber.
by a cray du May 14, 2009
Cray has numerous meanings. Can be used as a noun,verb, and adjective. Cray is everthing and everyone!
Noun: Cray is the almighty. Cray will kick your ass!

Verb: Dude, stop craying around.
Im going to cray on your girlfriend's face.

Adjective: That party was cray as hell.
by Crayman February 13, 2008
Something stupid black people say because they are too lazy to have a two syllable word like "crazy".
Yo nigga that shit cray.
by YoMama424 January 22, 2012