a shorter way of saying crayon, crayon
My green cray broke.
I need to buy more cray.
by i<3crayons! March 04, 2012
a word that reflects the life of a teenage boy usually with the initials A.L.C.
Adam: You're Cray.
Ruby: No, you are.
by AdamCobb May 31, 2012
Cray is a brand of supercomputer.
You see that huge supercomputer ? it's a Cray
by Tyranosaure[Sc] May 01, 2008
short for crazy, it means crazy in a good way, like crazy wild, not like crazy loony bin.
i went cray when i had too many drinks
by lizzyone June 06, 2006
Nigger word short for crazy.
Yo Darius that shit was cray.
by Sixpounder February 11, 2012
a term used on myspace on any other social network. it's another word used for comments; Often used when a person is bored and wants some comments from the people on their friends list.
I'm online. Send me some cray.
by Drain drain February 09, 2008
adj. short for crazy in a good way. can be used to describe something:
(a) dope/G
(b) insanely awesome
(c) terrifying
(d) myspace comments, messages
(a) that girl was straight cray cray!
(b) dude that party last night was off the chain cray!
(c) did you see that cray movie, paranormal activity?
(d) i have to go home, log in to my account and check my cray before we leave.
by Charity Jule October 30, 2009

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