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Another form of the word crazy that is severely abused by the O'Connell Clan.
Member: You guys are craxy.
by kylergillespie July 29, 2009
A typo made when trying to spell the word "crazy" that has developed into a well know variation of the word.

Much like pwn.
"Man you're so f**king craxy, I don't know what to do with you"
by Jon Fish February 17, 2008
Something so crazy that it deserves a word that comes sooner in the dictionary.
That's so crazy, it's craxy!
by dan bernitt September 13, 2008
A descriptive word for the behaviors exhibited by chronic users of crystal methamphetamine and/or crack cocaine.
That tweeker is so craxy she can't even sit down for more than five minutes.
by Rong1 February 10, 2010
Extremely crazy.
Shiiiiiit girl, you craxy like a mofo.
by SuperheroCassidy February 03, 2010
a cross between the words "crazy" and "sexy", meaning crazy sexy.
Dev is going to find a craxy boy while in Panama City, and then they will bang.
by kozlo. :) March 31, 2009
Craxy is a term that defines a bitch that you think is crazy and is on crack. Instead of say that bich is crazy, or that bitch is on crack, use craxy. Pronounced crack-see.
See that bitch over there? She is craxy.
That bitch is craxy.
The bitch is craxy.
by buckguy November 17, 2009