when a person is so crazy that they must be on crack.
dude "I once ate my underwear"

other dude "that's craxy dude"
by IrishAvenger February 14, 2011
one who is so drunk that his mind will only allow him to step the cracks of the sidewalk.
"That Bob, he was a little craxy after the party last night"
by Jerica Elizabeth Ashley Esme July 23, 2009
crazy to the X-treme.

Wow, did you see him dunk that?

yeah, that was craxy
by chaos2010 February 27, 2009
A term used to describe someone (usually a girl) who is crazy but also sexy. These girls are usually spotted in a club.
Did you see that bitch? She craxy!
by ImmaGandyouaint December 15, 2008
informal adjective-meaning an individual on crack cocaine; term coined by Amie Binning 2009
"Don't you just LOVE DEV PATEL?????"

"umm nah...you must be craxy or something :|"
by Iraqi Stallion April 06, 2009
pertaining to someone or something that is crazy + cracked. doing crazy things while being cracked out on something.
yo that dude is beyond crazed, he craxy.
by anthony perritano August 23, 2008
1. So crazy it's sexy.
2. So sexy it's crazy.
Daron Malakian is so craxy it's insane.
by There is no hiding now February 17, 2008

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