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to be giddy, jovial, and utterly utterly wasted. Acceptable intoxicants are booze, drugs or nutmeg
My Oktoberfest crapulence was remarkable. Lamp shade...bah! I sir, wore a golden retriever for the better part of an hour.
by Little j (of Flylife) August 22, 2002
27 52
Mean-spirited, mischevious and/or immoral activity (or the mindset that leads to it).
Smithers had thwarted my earlier attempt to take candy from
a baby, but with him out of the picture, I was free to wallow in my own
by kerspunk June 14, 2002
118 54
the serious condition that occurs when one unintentionally mixes flatulence with fecal elimination.
I took my lover out for a some delicious indian food followed by a night at the Improv. Probably not the best idea because it left me with a embarassing situation of crapulence.
by LandG July 21, 2010
3 31
crapulence is a hangover, if u dont believe me, look it up in eral dictionaries, cos its in mine. can also use crapulous
sweet party last night, but today i feel crapulous
by Whyteyboy April 25, 2004
14 50
Crapulence- pronun.: crap-ü-lents; p.o.s.: adj.; def.: A crap-load; a nicer way to say shit-load without sounding like a 10 year old.
There was a crapulence of messages on my phone because I went a whole day without turning it on.
by Maredith June 20, 2008
3 47
Crap, shit, nonsense.
"That guy is full of crapulence!"
by Dalhusky August 28, 2006
4 51
Merger of words 'crap' and 'flatulence'.; to accidentally §hî† your pants, thinking you needed to fart.
I thought I had flatulence (gas, needed to fart) unfortunately it was crapulence.
by kc sunshine August 29, 2006
5 55